Real Estate Mortgage Network, Inc.


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Company data

Company number: 135783
Incorporate date: 01.06.2011
Company type: Business Corporation
Current status: Good Standing
Branch status: branch of an out-of-jurisdiction company


Title: Entity Address Change
Date: 17.07.2012
Title: Certificate of Compliance
Date: 31.01.2012
Title: Creation Filing
Date: 01.06.2011

Company officers

Name: Douglas M. Rotella
Position: director
Name: Glenn W. Ruroede
Position: treasurer
Name: Joel R. Katz
Position: president
Name: Joseph P. Sheridan Jr
Position: vice president
Name: Peter Richard Norden
Position: director
Name: Philip A. Schild
Position: secretary
Name: Rick E. Floyd
Position: vice president
Name: C T Corporation System
Position: agent