Bowhead Professional Solutions, LLC


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Company data

Company number: 122272
Incorporate date: 16.03.2009
Telephone number: +1 7034134461
Government approved supplier: Approved US Government Supplier
Company type: Limited Liability Company
Current status: Good Standing

Company address

Address: 3201 C STREET STE 810 ANCHORAGE AK 995033961


Title: Certificate of Compliance
Date: 03.11.2011
Title: Change of Officials
Date: 25.07.2011
Title: Agent Change
Date: 22.04.2011
Title: Biennial Report
Date: 01.02.2011
Title: Amendment
Date: 27.01.2011
Title: Restated (NO AMENDMENT)
Date: 27.01.2011
Title: Change of Officials
Date: 29.10.2010
Title: Initial Report
Date: 12.06.2009
Title: Creation Filing
Date: 16.03.2009

Company officers

Name: Geraldine L'Heureux
Position: member
Name: Robert Wilde
Position: manager
Name: UIC Technical Services, LLC
Position: member
Name: Corporation Service Company
Position: agent