Alaska Korean Mission Church, Inc.


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Company data

Company number: 123531
Incorporate date: 27.05.2009
Company type: Nonprofit Corporation
Current status: Good Standing


Title: Amendment
Date: 05.11.2010
Title: Election or Resolution to Dissolve
Date: 27.10.2010
Title: Election or Resolution to Dissolve
Date: 20.01.2010
Title: Initial Report
Date: 23.09.2009
Title: Creation Filing
Date: 27.05.2009

Company officers

Name: Charle Kitae Yu
Position: director
Name: Dong Hae Park
Position: director
Name: Hong Sup Bae
Position: president
Name: Jung K Lee
Position: treasurer
Name: Lora Kim Lee
Position: secretary
Name: Myung Kevin Lee
Position: vice president
Name: Un Chu Bae
Position: director
Name: Evin Bo Shim
Position: agent